About Michael and Alamode

A seasoned executive with a wealth of knowledge in management and external affairs positions in the public and commercial sectors.

I have a track record of creating strategies and implementing effective tactics to increase brand awareness, raise money, and further organizational goals. Building and sustaining strong relationships with important stakeholders, such as elected officials, local business leaders, and nonprofit groups, comes naturally to me. I am skilled in managing media relations, government affairs, community involvement, and corporate social responsibility. In addition, to leading high-performing teams.

Along my travels from the mailroom to the board room, I have picked up a few tips about governance, operations, and relations that I am serving up in my blog called Alamode.

Why Alamode?

I like eating ice cream every place I go. Especially with people I work and volunteer with. Did you know that there is no specific word in the English language for people who make ice cream? They are called ice cream makers, which could be more elegant, like the French glacier and the Italian sorbettiere. In any case, please check out my blog, Alamode. Thank you.