Hi there!

When diving into a new collaboration to tackle stuff like awareness, funding, operations, programs, recruitment, vision, strategy, and planning, here are a few things I consider:

  • Know Who We’re Talking To: Who are we trying to reach? Knowing our audience helps us figure out how to talk to them.
  • Understand Our Field: What’s going on in our industry? Knowing what’s up helps us make smart choices.
  • Where We Stand: How do we fit in? Knowing our place helps us figure out what to do next.
  • Set Clear Goals: What do we want to achieve? Having clear goals gives us something to aim for.
  • Make a Plan: How are we going to get there? Having a clear plan helps us stay on track.
  • Tell Our Story: Why does our idea matter? Sharing our story helps people get behind what we’re doing.
  • Keep It Exciting: Focus on what gets us pumped. Remembering the cool parts helps us keep going.
  • Face the Problems: Be honest about what’s hard. Recognizing challenges helps us find ways around them.
  • Imagine Winning: Picture reaching our goal. Keeping that image in our heads helps us stay focused.
  • Stay in Line with Goals: Make sure what we’re doing fits with the big picture. Showing we’re in it for the long haul inspires others.
  • Set Deadlines: Give ourselves a timeline. Having a schedule keeps us moving and accountable.

These principles work whether we’re working for a profit or a cause. And if we get stuck, we just think about who we’re talking to, what’s going on in our field, and where we want to go in that mix.

Working together is better- we got this!