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A taste of what caught my attention recently includes scoops of Artwork, Preparedness, Personal Space, Fire Hazzard, Audience Response, Architecture, Affordable Housing, Pedagogy, Twitter, Local Tourism, X, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Salesforce, Slack, Wildfire, and BurnOut.

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Why Architectural Pedagogy Needs to Change

What Caught My Attention: “Flexibility and constant updating are crucial so that architecture students can go beyond mere theory. Another aspect is bringing together students of Architecture, Interior Design, Planning, Research, and Industrial Design onto one platform and teaching them to network, collaborate and share their individual experiences. Coupled with regular industry and field visits and live project assignments, the world of the school is no longer just theoretical.”

  • Author: AR Atulkumar Singla
  • Published: 2023-08-13
  • Source: The Hindu
  • Tag(s): Architecture, Pedagogy

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The Fire Hazard That’s Hiding in Your Junk Drawer

What Caught My Attention: “The fire started in my friend’s Ridwell recycling bin, when a spent 9-volt battery came in contact with a spent AAA battery, creating a short circuit and ultimately catching their garage on fire. As she learned, simply taping the terminals of the batteries would have saved my friend and her family the loss of their possessions, the headache of fighting with insurance over every reimbursement, and displacement from their home for the next nine months. But, like me, my friend had never heard of taping batteries.”

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Pop Art Legendary Artist Loses ‘Life’s Work’ in Maui Wildfires

What Caught My Attention: “The artist who inspired the famous Rolling Stones mouth and tongue logo lost an entire studio of his work in the Hawaii wildfire that decimated western Maui this week.

Ruby Mazur said in a CNN interview Friday that he and his family planned to open his new studio on the main oceanfront street of Lahaina this week. Lahaina Town has been nearly completely destroyed in the fire which has killed at least 67 people.

“I just beat cancer for the third time… so I figured if I could beat cancer three times, nothing could take me down,” Mazur said. “And then losing my life’s work and almost losing my three sons on Front Street. That’s a lot to take.”

  • Author: Nick Robertson
  • Published: 2023-08-11
  • Source: The Hill
  • Tag(s): Artwork, Preparedness, Wildfire

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10 States With the Most Burnt-Out Employees

What Caught My Attention: “As Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) continue to struggle with staffing among physicians and administrators due to overwork and burnout, the problem presents itself more in some states than others.

A new study created by Uplift Legal Funding ranked each state based on employee burnout, looking at factors including local mental health ratings, happiness scores, occupational stress levels and working hours.

The first two places on the list are Arizona and Indiana.”

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Why These Cities May Trade Parking Lots for Tiny Houses

What Caught My Attention: “It can take as long as seven years to get approval to build new housing in San Francisco, and years more to actually build it. But last January, only two months after a new nonprofit focused on homelessness launched, it started construction on a community of tiny cabins on a former parking lot in the middle of the city. After another two months, the first 30 rooms were done, followed by 40 more, now home to dozens of people who used to live on the street.”

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Introducing Gondola Rides at Gala Waters (Hoyt Lake)

What Caught My Attention: “Olmsted’s Gala Waters (Hoyt Lake) is the perfect setting for Venetian gondola rides. And thanks to the efforts of the Buffalo Maritime Center, people can now book a 55-minute excursion around the lake.

“The gondolas are a temporary gift from a woman who is in possession of four of them,” said gondolier Laura Koessler, who is in charge of the gondola boat program at Delaware Park. “We’re seeing if there is a demand. As we get this up and running, we’re trying to get as much traction as possible. People say that they really like them, and they are perfect for the lake. The gondolas were last on the Buffalo River, but it was too windy, and the wake from the passing boats made them difficult to handle. This lake setting is much calmer, and the boats are easier to steer. People can take the boat tour under the bridge to the Japanese Garden* and the Buffalo History Museum.”

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X, Formerly Twitter, Seizes @Music Handle From Its Longtime User, Who Is ‘Super Pissed’

What Caught My Attention: “X user Jeremy Vaught shared a message the company had sent him on Thursday, notifying him that the account name he created about a year into Twitter’s existence is no longer his as the handle is now affiliated with X Corp. —–“16 years ago, I created @music and have been running it ever since,” Vaught posted on Thursday. “Just now, Twitter / X just ripped it away. Super pissed.”

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Salesforce Debuts Sales Elevate, Bringing Its Cloud into Slack

What Caught My Attention: “For example, executives can be notified about updating their opportunity pipeline before a forecast call. Meanwhile, sales managers who get a view of all team opportunities with more comprehensive pipeline tools can set up automatic notifications for all kinds of deal updates — be it stage change for a specific opportunity, amount updates or new opportunities.”

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Goole’s Residents Divided Over ‘Salt and Pepper’ Water Towers

What Caught My Attention: “The red brick tower, which stands at 43m (141ft) tall, was built in 1885, while its slightly shorter – but wider – white concrete neighbour was built in 1927. Since their construction, they have dominated the skyline and become synonymous with the port town, 29 miles west of Hull, so much so that the local civic society is planning to commemorate the town’s bi-centenary with memorabilia including a ‘salt and pepper pot’ cruet set.

But it hit a snag when it asked locals for their opinions of which of the towers is the salt pot and which is the pepper pot – as nobody can agree. The group reported a roughly 60/40 split in responses between those who think the thinner brick structure is the pepper pot and those who believe it’s a salt pot.”

  • Author: Ashley Pemberton & Steven Smith
  • Published: 2023-07-31
  • Source: Nottinghamshire Live
  • Tag(s): Audience Response

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